Oh no, the server virus strikes again…

It is flue season again, but this time it is not a regular flue but more like a server virus. I have had this virus before and it usually ends up in me spending a lot of money on very interesting hardware. The last times I had the virus, I bought:

Don’t know where I caught this virus but perhaps it was already there and my resistance was weakened. Anyway, just spent the past evenings looking at specifications for this new server. Tonight this included a big search for a suitable CPU fan for which I also needed to dig in to some Intel motherboard specification to see whether it would fit or not. Since today I know what Universal Retention System and Unified Backplate Assembly mean.

I now have a good setup for what my server ‘could’ look like (supposing I would get it of course):

  • 19” server chassis: Supermicro SC743T-665B
  • Processor: Intel Xeon L5630 (only one to start with, but can be extended), 40W TDP
  • Motherboard: Supermicro X8DTi-F, dual socket motherboard, 5520 chipset
  • Memory: 12GB ECC Registered DDR3-1066 (3x4GB)
  • CPU Cooler: Intel STS100P
  • DVD Rom: something with an ATA interface (below 20EUR in any case)
  • Hard disk: in principle none (fully external storage).

Interesting stuff….

Edit: Reusing of course the RAID card, TV card, and eSATA bracket from my current setup.

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