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Processor evolution, will history repeat itself?

It is interesting to see what is going on in the industry with regard to the development of CPUs. In particular, the first dual core smartphones are being released right now and there are even quad core CPUs expected later … Continue reading

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Bad quality scales superlinearly

Take any given production process and assume it is not producing good enough quality let’s call it ‘crap’ to make it a bit more expressive. Now, ask yourself what happens if you scale this process by adding more workers and … Continue reading

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Looking back on the Nokia N97

I went to the phone shop today to get ale newer SIM card because it could have been the cause for my reception problems in Switzerland some time ago (so customer service told me). So I told the guy in … Continue reading

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KVM Setup Overview

The server has been running stable now for quite some time in the new setup with several virtual machines providing the actual functionality using Kernel Virtual Machine. The setup is as follows. The host (falcon) is running a linux server … Continue reading

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Two worlds meet (1): Automated creation of Yum Repos with Maven, Nexus, and Hudson

This is the first of a series of blogs titled ‘Two worlds meet’ talking about how two technologies can be used together to solve a problem. Mostly one world will be linux or more specifically a virtualized linux setup using … Continue reading

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Flexible JDBC Realm for Glassfish

Approximately three years a go I started the development of a simple JDBC based security realm for Glassfish. The reason was that I was migrating from JBoss to glassfish and was running into problems with one application. That application simpy … Continue reading

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Move to Maven 3

Today I moved all my projects to maven 3.  The claim is that maven 3 is downwards compatible with maven 2, but have a look at the compatibility notes. The issues I ran into were: Parent resolution: Parents are no … Continue reading

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New Server Setup is Complete!

Over the past weeks I have spent huge amounts of time in setting up the new server, making sure that I preserve the complete functionality that I had before. My aim was to take my old server (i.e. server installation) … Continue reading

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Sticky 911! Making it easy to quickly and reliably boot your linux OS from USB or CD/DVD

I have been isolinux in the past to boot my server. In fact, it used to be the only way to boot it because somehow my BIOS did not recognize the RAID card. That problem was solved later by a … Continue reading

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Java? Java bien, merci!

This is how anyone’s first French lesson should start!

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