This is my personal blog site. I blog about all kinds of things, like software (in particular Java related), linux, hardware, mountainbiking, politics, and all the other things not in this list.

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I am very much interested into new technologies (mainly in the Java server side area) and trying to keep up with technology costs me many hours a week outside of the regular working hours. My focus in 2011 will be on OSGI, Java EE 6, and cloud technology and then mainly how it all should come together. The vehicle for experimenting with and for applying all this will be my fabulous new server.

I am always painfully aware of all the things I don’t know. As a result of this I buy a lot of books because books are in my opinion the most efficient way to get ‘into’ something quickly. Over the years I have collected quite a lot of books and I am now at the stage where the space is running out and I might start calling it a library.