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Why do developers write instead of reuse?

I am frequently amazed at the amount of software that is being written instead of simply looking around and reusing what’s already available. In practice I have seen a lot of reasons for this: Our problems are unique: The misconception … Continue reading

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Nested Logical Volume Management for VMs

Towards a more consistent virtual machine setup using nested logical volume management. I.e. the host/hypervisor allocates storage for virtual machines using logical volume management. The virtual machine itself partitions these virtual disks and uses logical volume management again to simplify management. This blog describes how I migrated and existing VM to use this approach as well.
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Git server setup on linux using smart HTTP

After seeing a presentation from Linus Torvalds I decided to read more about git. After looking into git more a I have decided to slowly move to git. New projects will be using git instead of subversion and I will … Continue reading

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Initial experiences with the Samsung Galaxy S II and Android

A few days ago, on May 11th, I received my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S II. This is one of the first dual core phones runnning gingerbread. After a few days of working with it, I must say I … Continue reading

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Countdown has started again!

Yes folks! The countdown timer has been started again. This time I decided to renew it a bit and use a bit of javascript with jQuery instead of the good ‘ole java applet. Frames are not supported by your browser … Continue reading

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Processor evolution, will history repeat itself?

It is interesting to see what is going on in the industry with regard to the development of CPUs. In particular, the first dual core smartphones are being released right now and there are even quad core CPUs expected later … Continue reading

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Bad quality scales superlinearly

Take any given production process and assume it is not producing good enough quality let’s call it ‘crap’ to make it a bit more expressive. Now, ask yourself what happens if you scale this process by adding more workers and … Continue reading

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KVM Setup Overview

The server has been running stable now for quite some time in the new setup with several virtual machines providing the actual functionality using Kernel Virtual Machine. The setup is as follows. The host (falcon) is running a linux server … Continue reading

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Two worlds meet (1): Automated creation of Yum Repos with Maven, Nexus, and Hudson

This is the first of a series of blogs titled ‘Two worlds meet’ talking about how two technologies can be used together to solve a problem. Mostly one world will be linux or more specifically a virtualized linux setup using … Continue reading

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Flexible JDBC Realm for Glassfish

Approximately three years a go I started the development of a simple JDBC based security realm for Glassfish. The reason was that I was migrating from JBoss to glassfish and was running into problems with one application. That application simpy … Continue reading

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