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Encrypting an existing Centos install

Edit: Meanwhile I have found a better way to migrate an existing centos unencrypted install to a fully encrypted install with /boot as the only unencrypted disk space. This solution is much preferred over the one described in this post. … Continue reading

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Java from the trenches: improving reliability

Java and the JVM are great things. In contrast to writing native code, making a mistake in your Java code will not (or should not) crash the virtual machine. However, in my new position working for a SAAS company I … Continue reading

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Countdown has started again!

Yes folks! The countdown timer has been started again. This time I decided to renew it a bit and use a bit of javascript with jQuery instead of the good ‘ole java applet. Frames are not supported by your browser … Continue reading

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Two worlds meet (1): Automated creation of Yum Repos with Maven, Nexus, and Hudson

This is the first of a series of blogs titled ‘Two worlds meet’ talking about how two technologies can be used together to solve a problem. Mostly one world will be linux or more specifically a virtualized linux setup using … Continue reading

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Flexible JDBC Realm for Glassfish

Approximately three years a go I started the development of a simple JDBC based security realm for Glassfish. The reason was that I was migrating from JBoss to glassfish and was running into problems with one application. That application simpy … Continue reading

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Move to Maven 3

Today I moved all my projects to maven 3.  The claim is that maven 3 is downwards compatible with maven 2, but have a look at the compatibility notes. The issues I ran into were: Parent resolution: Parents are no … Continue reading

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Java? Java bien, merci!

This is how anyone’s first French lesson should start!

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Using CDI to Inject Dependencies into Unmanaged Objects

Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299) is a great standard which is part of Java EE 6 and really simplifies Java EE programming, at least if you stay completely within the confines of Java EE. However, applications that use CDI also … Continue reading

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Java EE 6 as the method of choice for application development

In the past I have worked with J2EE 1.4 and admittedly, it was terrible. A lot of plumbing code was required to make applications. Luckily, Spring and Hibernate came to the rescue: Spring for the general infrastructure parts (roughly session … Continue reading

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Improved logo for

Several improvements to the logo: more abstract connectors removing any association with plungers smoothed shapes so it also looks good in large size better colors, nice primary colors just like Duke more unobscured Duke image (connector is moved to the … Continue reading

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