Move to Maven 3

Today I moved all my projects to maven 3.  The claim is that maven 3 is downwards compatible with maven 2, but have a look at the compatibility notes. The issues I ran into were:

  • Parent resolution: Parents are no longer resolved as part of the build cycle. Instead a parent POM must either be in the parent directory or <relativePath> must be specified for the parent POM. In one project I was referring to a parent two levels up. Simply corrected this by referring to the direct parent. The advantage of this new Maven rule is that it will allow module builds without having to always build the parent first.
  • Maven site support: This was more major. I had to follow instructions at the plugin site to get it working again. This change also breaks compatibility with maven 2 so projects that have a maven site will only build with maven 3 now.
  • Legacy-style repo support: I had one dependency for toplink-essentials that was resolved from a maven 1 project. This dependency was located in a specific test project. To solve this, I excluded this project from the build. Result of this is that I still have toplink-essentials support for my JPA testing framework, but the tests are no longer run automatically. Is there anyone still using toplink essentials? Anyway, I intend to run a local artifactory repo in the near future so then I can add this test project again because artifactory can provide a maven 2 interface for a legacy repo.

Another issue I had was that the maven site plugin with maven 3 requires a lot more memory on a multi-module project than with maven 2. I worked around this by invoking the separate maven site generations in the multi-module project individually. This not only reduced memory requirements but also speeded up the build considerably.

It is important for me to keep memory requirements low because I  have to take into account that I might someday need to run the server virtual domains on a system with much lower memory. That would be in the case of hardware problems.

There definitely needs to be a redesign of the maven site plugin to make it more usable for multi-module builds.

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