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Backup script made available

I have been using a backup script for my linux server for a longer time now. This script creates backups based on snapshot volumes using linux Logical Volume Management. This has been quite a useful script as I can create … Continue reading

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Improved logo for

Several improvements to the logo: more abstract connectors removing any association with plungers smoothed shapes so it also looks good in large size better colors, nice primary colors just like Duke more unobscured Duke image (connector is moved to the … Continue reading

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New logo for

Here it is, the new logo for It is Duke is flying like an eagle (wamblee) on a component (a Java component of course).  The component has one provided interface and two required interfaces. If you listen carefully, you … Continue reading

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Successfully rendered Duke logo using blender

After quite a lot of trying, and learning to use Blender, a great open source 3D rendering package, I finally managed to create a Duke image based on a DXF file from the open source Duke project.The rendered image is … Continue reading

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More styling on the site

I did some more restyling on the site. The aim is minimal clutter and minimalistic style. If you have any suggestions to improve the site layout, please let me know!

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Migrated from joomla to wordpress…

For a long time now I have been a bit annoyed by the limitations of joomla and now finally migrated to wordpress. As it turns out, migration is a breeze. I used a tool to migrate Joomla to an older … Continue reading

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UPS and storage rack installed

Last week the storage rack and UPS arrived so I had quite a lot of work to do.

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server rack installed

I received the rack this weekend and put it to use immediately

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First steps in LAN transformation…

I have now taken the first step in the transformation of my local network, which is about robustness and 19'' rackmount form factor. 

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Caught the server virus again…

So here I am in this situation again. I definitely have a bad case of the server virus.

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