Humanity is doomed…

Ok, so after years of investigation, it seems that the greenhouse effect is real. There is real climate change and this requires a joint effort of all the nations in the world to limit its effects. If it continues, large parts of the world will be flooded and many people will die because of hunger and disease. 

But, nonetheless, what is happening? Well, as a result of the greenhouse effect, the North pole will become ice free before 2050 and the north pole has huge amounts of resources such as oil. So, instead of figuring out what to do about the greenhouse effect, nations are fighting over the north pole. So far, the United States, Canada, Danmark, and Russia are laying claims on the north pole. 

So who wants to bet? Will the earth's nations work together to come up with solutions to the worlds problems or will humanity just self-destruct in a pointless war about the north pole?  (whose resources are also finite).



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