Chat GPT sure knows a lot about kubernetes

Chat GPT sure knows a thing or two about kubernetes. Here is the output when I asked it to produce a rhyme about kubernetes (with one minor edit):

In the world of tech, there’s a tool so great
It’s called Kubernetes, it’s never too late
To learn how it works, it’s a valuable skill
For managing containers, it fits the bill

With Kubernetes, you can deploy with ease
Your apps and services, they’ll run with such breeze
Scaling and load balancing, it does it all
Ensuring your systems never stumble or fall

The clusters it creates are strong and secure
With backups and failovers, it’s hard to workloads endure
A smoother experience, you’ll hardly find
Kubernetes is the key, to a peace of mind

So if you’re a techie, and want to succeed
Learn Kubernetes, it’s what you need
With its powerful features, you’ll never lose
It’s the tool to have, and it’ll never refuse.

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