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Automatic certificate renewal with Let’s Encrypt and DnsMadeEasy on Kubernetes

These days, it is ill-advised to run a website (such as this one), over HTTP, even if there is no security risk at all. When hosting your website on HTTP, users will see a warning triangle in the address bar … Continue reading

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Hosting services on Google Kubernetes Engine

This post explains how to host services on Google Compute Engine, parts of this are applicable to regular (non-GKE) Kubernetes clusters as well. This post will cover: allowing multiple services to be deployed in different namespaces allowing multiple (sub)domains to … Continue reading

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Setting up up a deep learning box

After doing a number of courses on machine learning I now have some overview of what is available and how it all works. So now it is getting time to start doing some work from start to finish myself. To … Continue reading

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Encrypting an existing Centos install

Edit: Meanwhile I have found a better way to migrate an existing centos unencrypted install to a fully encrypted install with /boot as the only unencrypted disk space. This solution is much preferred over the one described in this post. … Continue reading

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Creating a USB install for Centos 6.4

The days of rotating disks for storing information and in particular for installing OSes are nearing their end. Why rely on something with rotating parts for storing data in the 21st century? Unfortunately, not every software vendor has caught up … Continue reading

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Java from the trenches: improving reliability

Java and the JVM are great things. In contrast to writing native code, making a mistake in your Java code will not (or should not) crash the virtual machine. However, in my new position working for a SAAS company I … Continue reading

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Nested Logical Volume Management for VMs

Towards a more consistent virtual machine setup using nested logical volume management. I.e. the host/hypervisor allocates storage for virtual machines using logical volume management. The virtual machine itself partitions these virtual disks and uses logical volume management again to simplify management. This blog describes how I migrated and existing VM to use this approach as well.
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Git server setup on linux using smart HTTP

After seeing a presentation from Linus Torvalds I decided to read more about git. After looking into git more a I have decided to slowly move to git. New projects will be using git instead of subversion and I will … Continue reading

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Processor evolution, will history repeat itself?

It is interesting to see what is going on in the industry with regard to the development of CPUs. In particular, the first dual core smartphones are being released right now and there are even quad core CPUs expected later … Continue reading

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KVM Setup Overview

The server has been running stable now for quite some time in the new setup with several virtual machines providing the actual functionality using Kernel Virtual Machine. The setup is as follows. The host (falcon) is running a linux server … Continue reading

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